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How to Find Time to Workout.

Updated: May 23

As a mom of two young boys, who works full-time training clients in-person on top running my own online Coaching business (didn't know that? Check out I'm often asked, "So, when do you workout?" "How do you find the time?" The answer is simple....

I DON'T. I don't find time.

I have to MAKE it. Simple as that. I know that sounds easier said than done but we are ALL SO BUSY! We all get a measly 24 hours to work, raise a family, go to school workout, meal prep, have a life, play candy crush, watch TWD, and of course, get a full 8 hours of sleep! So, if you keep trying to find the time, you simply won't! There will always be something else that will get in the way. Something that will at the time, seem more name it; laundry, dinner, dishes, dogs, kids, work, nail appointments, quality time with the family, commute time, work, work and more work! I mean seriously, why is work always getting in the way of our fitness anyway??

With all of that going on, it seems as though we can always and very easily justify skipping a workout. But in the end, it really comes down to our priorities.

For example, I always MAKE time for my workouts but haven't had my nails or eyebrows done in months because I just can't seem to FIND the time! Even though getting my eyebrows threaded literally takes 10 minutes, I really NOT have 10 minutes?? Mmmmh, priorities. Sometimes I'm picking my kids up from school still wearing my sweaty clothes because I squeezed my workout in with just enough time. Gross? Eh, maybe, but whatever at least I made the time to get it done.
Here's some TIPS on how to MAKE time....
Time to Workout

1. Plan ahead, don't wing it. Take a hard look at your calendar and figure out exactly how much time you will need and plug it into your day(s). Don't wait to see how your day pans out to decide if and when you're going to hit the gym. You're never going to find yourself sitting around with absolutely nothing to do, and think "huh, what do you know, looks like I just found a whole 2 hours of spare time. Maybe I'll go workout now."

2. Make it a non-negotiable. Once it's in your calendar, don't you dare move it. Would you cancel a doctor's, hair, nail or massage appointment because you're busy at work or because you're not in the mood? Hell to the freakin' NO, right? So treat it like an appointment. That's your time, and its just as important as any other appointment on your calendar.

3. Need help? Ask for it. Do you need family/friends/sitters to help with the kids so that you can workout. Just ask. I promise the only one judging you for wanting to make time to go to the gym, is you! Don't have a village of people who can help? Find a local gym with a babysitting room. Your kids will play and you will sweat. Win, win.

4. Work with what you have. You don't need an hour or 20 minutes? Great, you'd be amazed at what a short & sweet workout could do for you each day.

5. Last but not least, don't be ashamed of wanting to make your workouts a priority. Instead of "I'd like to go the gym today" say "I AM going to the gym today!" with confidence.

Will you commit to making the time instead of trying to find it this week? Feel free to comment & share with all your super busy friends whom need a little extra help making themselves a priority. With much fitness love,

Nina M.
P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for my 21-Day NO Sweets, JUST Sweat Challenge that will be starting soon!

You can do It, you can find Time to Workout!
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