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HIIT and Lift With Nina, Small Group Training



Stronger, Healthier & Happier - in JUST 30 min!


My signature HIIT & Lift sessions are the perfect mix of cardio intervals & strength in JUST 30 minutes!


Small group training is limited to 6 participants - giving you all the high energy of the group environment with the attention to detail of private training from an expert coach.


Can you really get in shape in JUST 30 min?


YES! These short but effective workouts are designed specifically to help you build lean muscle while increasing your metabolic burn.  Not to mention the convenience of these short workouts, makes it easy to finally STAY CONSISTENT!

HIIT and Lift With Nina, Small Group Training

What You Can Expect:

  • Monday/Wednesday: Upper-Body & Lower-Body

  • Tuesday/Thursday/Friday: Full-Body

  • Saturday: Core & Cardio

  • Sunday: Bands & Bodyweight

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Here you’ll find all my best nutrition tips, tools, and best practices for living your strongest, healthiest, happiest life.

Fit with Nina Podcast
Making Fit Work, Fit with Nina

Weekly podcast episodes where I address everyday obstacles that most of us face regarding health & fitness; motivation, mindset, nutrition, habits and more. Over 70 episodes of real honest talk with actionable advice that I hope will inspire you on your journey to strong, healthy and happy.

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