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Online Nutrition Coaching



Nutrition Coaching -  As a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach and Female Metabolism Specialist, my priority is to help women tune into what their body NEEDS so that they never have to diet again.  I teach women how to eat more (not less) and balance (not eliminate) carbs and fats in order to get RESULTS THAT LAST!

Online Nutrition Coaching

This is a 8-week group program where I will help you find the perfect balance between protein, carbs and fats without the added stress of having to track every bite you eat! Each week we’ll build new habits that will help optimize your metabolism for better results along with adding foods and supplements that will optimize your gut health. 

If you’ve been putting in the work at the gym, or feel like you’ve been eating healthy but keep losing and gaining the same 5-10lbs then this program is FOR YOU!

The group is limited to 6 participants. 

The next round starts January, 2024.  Join the Waitlist NOW!

Metabolic U

Not everyone wants to share their dieting journey amongst a group, and I get that. 

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight or consistently keep it off and want to lose 15 lbs or more, one-on-one coaching is the best option for you.  Together we’ll be able to tackle both the mental and physical obstacles that are holding you back from staying consistent.

1:1 Nutrition Coaching


Here's How it Works

It’s a simple 4 Step Process that we rinse and repeat until you feel confident enough to sustain your results.

1. Review

Together we do a deep dive of what your current eating habits are like (no judgment) in order to assess what’s missing and what changes need to be made. This may include lifestyle changes such as sleep, stress,overall movement, etc.

2. Strategize

Each week we’ll take time to meal plan together, look at the week ahead and strategize around any “obstacles” that would typically throw you off track….sporting events, dining out, longer work days, vacations, etc.  This is a lifestyle NOT a diet so it’s important to learn how to make it all work and stop the rollercoaster dieting once and for all.

3. Analyze

We’ll track physical progress using several metrics (scale, body measurements and progress photos). We’ll also use your biofeedback (hunger levels, energy & cravings) to determine if you’re getting enough protein, carbs and fats to not only keep you energized but also to produce the results you’re looking for - fat loss!

4 Repeat

We keep reviewing, strategizing, and analyzing until it feels simple and sustainable!

You’ll get all the tools and accountability you need without the added stress of tracking and measuring every bite you eat. 


Are you ready to stop dieting and start feeling better in your own skin ?

Private Training


Customized workouts designed around your body, goals, and schedule.

Work with Nina, Small Group Training
Small Group Training


All the high energy of a group with all the coaching you need to get results in JUST 30min!

Online Nutrition Coaching


Learn how to finally eat more (not less) and balance (not eliminate) all of your favorite foods.

Here you’ll find all my best nutrition tips, tools, and best practices for living your strongest, healthiest, happiest life.

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