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Private Training




Do you have aches, pains or old injuries that need to be worked around?

Want the dedicated attention of an experienced Coach to ensure you’re exercising safely?

Have very specific goals? (I.e. Building muscle, training for a race or competition)

Then private training is your best option. I always start with a deep dive that includes a movement assessment and an overview of your current lifestyle before creating a training program that is designed specifically for you and your goals. I want you to love and look forward to your workouts, so creating customized programs that are the perfect mix of challenging but doable is important. You’ll never feel rushed or out of shape while working with me because your workout is designed to get you results while meeting you where you’re at now.
Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, or just feel better in your skin…I’ve got you covered! 

Private Training: One-on-one training sessions are perfect for anyone who has specific goals, maybe some limitations (nagging aches and pains) or really just wants to be able to work at their own pace! Private training options include 30 and 45-minute sessions.

Semi-Private Training: Four people, one Coach. All the customization & accountability of private training at a more accessible price. With semi-private training, each participant follows their own personalized program while I ensure proper execution, provide feedback, and make any adjustments needed on the spot. All that plus the added energy that comes from being surrounded by like-minded people also working towards feeling their best!

Fit with Nina Podcast
Making Fit Work, Fit with Nina

Weekly podcast episodes where I address everyday obstacles that most of us face regarding health & fitness; motivation, mindset, nutrition, habits and more. Over 70 episodes of real honest talk with actionable advice that I hope will inspire you on your journey to strong, healthy and happy.

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