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My MetabolicU program is NOT a diet. You won’t have to keep track of every bite you eat! Thank goodness, right??

This is a comprehensive 10-week program where I teach you how to ADD foods and BALANCE (not eliminate) carbs & fats so that you can optimize your metabolism! The next round starts January 2024!

Metabolic U

This small group nutrition program is for you if:

 You're sick of losing and gaining back the same 5 - 15lbs

You’re tired of tracking macros or counting calories.

You've tried several other diets but have a hard time sticking to it long-term

Why It's 10 Weeks


​I know this might feel a little long but that's by design. It takes a solid 10 weeks to not only get the results you're looking for but to understand the process so that you'll have the confidence to continue on your own. 

In PHASE ONE we will:

  • Rehab your metabolism by focusing on gut health 

  • Add foods that will help boost your energy

  • Finally get control of your hunger and cravings

  • Learn how to incorporate both carbs and fats into your diet without tracking.

In PHASE TWO we will:

  • Focus on how-to create a flexible metabolism for long-lasting results

  • Learn how to eat for sustained fat loss

  • Measure and track progress 

In PHASE THREE we will:

  • Dive deeper into how to build consistency

  • Learn how to continue your journey without sacrificing your social life

  • Cover vitamin and supplement support

With MetabolicU you'll learn how to create a flexible metabolism so that you can eat with ease and won’t stress when trying to enjoy time with family and friends.


A meal plan to help jump-start your metabolism and kick the cravings because I want to help you boost your energy right from the start.

Weekly keystone education on how the female metabolism works because understanding HOW it works will give you the tools you need to maintain your results forever.

Full access to the app so that you can regularly track your progress and get in touch with me at any time. It's like having me in your back pocket, I'll always be available to answer questions and help coach you through the week.

LIVE weekly calls so that you can stay accountable, connect with other women and tackle any obstacles you may be facing. This is the best part! The more you connect and learn the easier it is to do.

At-home training program with three strength training workouts, one HIIT workout, and one yoga session so that you can stay consistent anytime, anywhere.


Francesca A

"Today I am the healthiest I've ever been because of Nina's training and coaching"

How It Works

Step 1: Register. Once you register, you will receive a client questionnaire so that I can get to know more about you, your lifestyle, and your personal goals. 

Step 2: Set up access to your FITwithNina app.  This is where all the magic will happen, and where you will get access to all the resources and tools you need.

Step 3: Take measurements and/or progress photos
(Progress photos are totally optional)

Weekly LIVE calls will be held every Sunday at 7 p.m. EST.

The first call is scheduled for January 9th.

A link to call will be provided via email.
Recordings will be provided if unable to attend.

All weekly tutorials, workouts, group chats and other resources will be available via the app.

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  • Do I have to do all four workouts to get results?
    No, not at all. In fact, you'll have the choice between a 2-day split or a 3-day split program, so that you can commit to the plan that feels them most realistic to you this summer without compromising results. Each of these programs will also include a BONUS workout along with the weekly LIVE workout that you can incorporate if and when it works for you.
  • Are the workouts LIVE?
    There will be a weekly LIVE Bonus workout every Friday at 6:30am, however the rest of the workouts will be laid out for you with instructional videos for you to execute on your own. The goal is for you to be able to do these workouts anywhere and anytime - even on vacation.
  • "I already have the Peloton app why should I add this?"
    Well, if I'm being honest no one on the Peloton app cares if you show up...BUT I DO! I'll be checking in on you regularly to make sure you're staying consistent, crushing your workouts and feeling better than ever! You won't fall off with me in your back pocket. Also, on-demand workouts may feel convenient but it's still on you to figure out which workout to do - do you REALLY know which workouts are going to push you towards the results you want?
  • What do I need for equipment?
    Ideally two sets of dumbbells - a light to moderate set and a heavier set of dumbbells in order to continuously challenge yourself.
  • I will be on vacation for a week is it worth joining?
    Yes, you can do these workouts anywhere, anytime. The program will also include a Bodyweight workout along with follow-along pilates and yoga sessions that can be done when and if you need a break from the weights.
  • I'm a beginner. Is this workout for me?
    Honestly, not really. If you are completely new to exercise and don't have weights heavier than 8lbs this program is not the place to start. However, feel free to reach out as I have other options that might work for you.
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Your Coach


I'm Nina, a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach specializing in the female metabolism.

I've been in the fitness industry for over 14 years! My superpower is helping women who feel stuck finally feel their best again (for good)!

I've taken what I've learned about the female metabolism and have broken it down in a way that feels easy to understand and totally relatable - allowing clients to have these "ah-ha" moments that leave them feeling less stressed about their journey.

I truly look forward to helping you optimize your metabolism - for good!

with love,


The truth is I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you've come so far in your journey and hit a major plateau that you can't seem to get past without sacrificing your energy or your social life!

Are you ready to dial it in and figure out this whole "nutrition" piece once and for all?

10-weeks, Starts on Monday, March 20th

Fit with Nina Podcast
Making Fit Work, Fit with Nina

Weekly podcast episodes where I address everyday obstacles that most of us face regarding health & fitness; motivation, mindset, nutrition, habits and more. Over 70 episodes of real honest talk with actionable advice that I hope will inspire you on your journey to strong, healthy and happy.

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