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How to lose those last 5lbs...

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Lose those last 5lbs! Ugh, the hardest to get rid of. The most stubborn. It's like they've been there so long and just refuse to leave! Because they're comfortable and so are you. I know no one wants to hear this but the only way to lose those LAST five, very stubborn pounds is to LOCK IT UP & TURN IT UP! That means somethings gotta give and whatever you're doing right now needs to change.

For me personally, I know exactly what that means. It means not ordering two extra munchkins for myself at the DD drive thru when getting some for the kiddos. It means, no late night snacking on the couch with the hubby just because it's our only time to actually sit and chat. It means, more water and less iced coffee. It means a little less eating on the go and more preparation when planning an active day out with the family. You know, like packing a healthy lunch with some fruit instead of stopping for ice cream on the way home! It means, kicking my workouts into high gear. Adding in some high intensity interval training to my workout schedule or an extra day of training in general, since I've been slacking and only working out 2-3x/week lately. Yikes!

Essentially, I need to....

Private Training

Now maybe you're thinking those little things don't sound so bad. But it's those little things every week that are holding me back from pushing pass my current comfort zone. What does it mean for you? When was the last time you switched up your routine? How often do you indulge...even just a little? Remember, somethings gotta give. Just because you're still sweating during your workouts doesn't mean you're getting the same results you once did.

LOCK IT UP & TURN IT UP! Here are some tips on how...

  • If you're always doing cardio, hit the weights at least 2x/week.

  • Be sure to change things up every two weeks.

  • Add 15-20 minutes of intervals at the end of a strength workout.

  • Get off the eliptical and jump on the stairclimber.

  • Are you a runner? Try cycling instead, and vice versa.

  • Keep the workouts short but intense. (see below)

  • Focus on adding lean protein to every meal/snack.

  • Aim to drink 90 oz of water each day.

  • Stop snacking on anything that comes out of a wrapper. And, last but not least...

  • Limit the alcohol (Bummer, I know) but I didn't say eliminate just reel it in a bit ;)

TRY this short but effective workout at-home or at the gym. No equipment needed and sure to get your heart pumping! Want more workout ideas like these? Follow me on Pinterest.

And, if you don't want to lock it up and turn it up, well, that's ok too! ;)

With much fitness love,

Nina M.

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