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Meal Prepping: How To Get Started ✨

When it comes to meal prepping, there’s a misconception that meal prep means lots of time and lots of work!  Which can feel overwhelming when getting started - but it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some TIPS and best practices for keeping your weekly meal prep Simple & stress-free. ⬇️

  1. PICK ONE MEAL: Instead of spending hours in the kitchen every Sunday prepping every single meal for the week. Pick the meal that you struggle with the most. Are you constantly rushing out the door in the morning with no breakfast? Then start there. Maybe dinners are the toughest after a long day of work & kid’s activities. If so, that would probably be the most helpful starting point. 

  2. PRIORITIZE PROTEIN: Don’t have time to cook whole meals in advance? No problem. Focus on preparing protein sources (I.e. grilled chicken, hard-boiled eggs, salmon) that you can easily add to any salad, wrap, or alongside any veggie & starch throughout the week.

  3. SAVE TIME: Maybe you love cooking; THE washing, cutting, seasoning, marinating, etc. But if you’re anything like me … you don’t! I don’t like any of it. But with that being said, it’s gotta get done, right? So admittedly, I spend a little extra on the  things that make my meal prepping THAT much easier. I buy the pre-cut veggies, the already-made overnight oats, stir-fry veggie kits, etc. 

Keeping it simple and stress-free will help with staying consistent and as you know; consistency is key!

Need some protein-packed recipes to get Meal Prepping started? 👀

The recipes are super simple (no crazy ingredients), take under 30 minutes to make, and most importantly are delicious!

More Tips for Success ⬇️

  • Make time to prep: whether immediately after grocery shopping or during a predetermined time in your calendar- pick a daytime that works best for you each week. All you need is a little time each week (60min)

  • Connect with your community  (hello FWN family!): post your fave finds and/or ask for recommendations. Whether it’s recipe-sharing or meal-prepping tips, we all have different ways of getting it done and are happy to share! All you gotta do is ask. 

  • Have fun:  throwing on your earbuds & some Netflix while pouring yourself a glass (not bottle) of wine can also make meal-prepping feel less like a dreaded task! 😉 just sayin. 

Need a community to connect with over all things fitness, nutrition, activewear & more? Use this link to join our private group on Facebook- FWN Family! I’d love to see you in there and hope this helps you get started.🙌🏼

Remember, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing- a little planning each week goes a LONG way! 



Meal Prepping: How to Get Started
Meal Prepping: How to Get Started

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