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Fit with Nina, Small Group Training

Strong, Healthy, Happy in JUST 30 Minutes!

Fit with Nina Small Group Training

Here you’ll find all my best nutrition tips, tools, and best practices for living your strongest, healthiest, happiest life.

Personal Trainer. Nutrition Coach. Mom.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 16 years, and have worked with hundreds of clients who all struggle with the same thing - consistency & overall motivation. 

Each and every one of them wants to FEEL better! They want more energy throughout the day, they want to feel better in their clothes and confident about their bodies.

BUT….they’re busy! And as a Mom of two, whose kids' lives are busier than mine - I GET IT! 

That’s why I keep my workouts short & effective and my nutrition coaching simple so that you can take back control of your own health and fitness and finally get RESULTS that last without any added chaos!

Fit with Nina, Nutrition Coaching
Private Training


Customized workouts designed around your body, goals, and schedule.


Smal Group Coaching


Burn fat and build lean muscle in just 30min.

Nutrition Coaching


Learn how to finally eat more (not less) and balance (not eliminate) all of your favorite foods.

"Nina encourages me to keep going when I'm ready to stop. She's real about life and time. She's communicative. And, she's knowledgeable. Nina pushes me to push myself. She guides me in exercise, nutrition, and basic good health habits. Her workout programs are varied and fun--and she always has a plan (and a backup!). I cannot say enough good things about Nina and my time with her. I've gotten back to the gym and back to feeling good about myself."


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